Greening Our Municipal Light Plants

There are currently 41 Municipal Light Plants (MLP) in Massachusetts that deliver 14% of the state’s energy to municipal communities. Each Plant is governed by a Board. Each Board is responsible for their own MLP’s operations, deciding where their energy comes from, supplying clean energy, and implementing energy efficiency programs. MLPs are exempt from many key state energy policies and have wide latitude to decide how they operate.

Electing climate champions to MLP boards can lead to significant changes in a community’s clean energy plans, emission reduction and even job creation. Your elected MLP members can decide where and how you get electricity.

The ELM Action Fund is working to educate voters about their municipal light boards and drive turnout of environmental voters in specific municipalities. MLP Boards are small enough that one strong, environmental voice can drive change. Municipal elections have historically shown lower voter engagement. A small increase in voter turnout could change an election and have long lasting effects on how these communities get their electricity and where it comes from. We are investing in cutting edge campaign strategies and tactics to reach environmental voters and drive turnout to the polls.

2022 Endorsed MLP Candidates

Tom Green


Election date: May 9

Steve Klionsky


Election date: Apr 5

Ezekiel Lewis


Election date: Apr 2

Michael Macrae


Election date: Apr 5

Michael Reive


Election date: Apr 30

Andrew H. Scott


Election date: May 24

Key Resource

Municipal Light Plant Report Card

Massachusetts’ municipally-owned electric companies have major opportunities for to meet the state’s clean energy goals, according to a first-of-its-kind report from the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Read the Report Card
Key Resource

Running for your MLP Board

Interested in running for your MLP Board? Know someone who would be a great candidate? We can help!