Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2023
July 2022 – June 2023

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  4. Coalitions
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  1. 2022-2023 Elections
  2. Green Voter Guide
  3. A Historic Win in Salem


  1. 2022-2023 Events
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We think systemically and plan for the future.
We are driven by the potential of our work to impact future generations. We see the connection between all things: people and planet, policy and social justice, environmental and economic health. We think critically about intersectionality and the complexities of cause and effect.
We are strategic and ambitious.
We are motivated by the enormity of the challenges we face and by Massachusetts’ potential to lead the world. We are science-based, data-driven, and results-oriented. We choose priorities based on their impact on the Commonwealth and their potential to be adapted and scaled.
We prioritize equity, inclusion, and environmental justice.
We recognize that bias, racism, classism, and privilege determine who has power. We use our influence to help remedy the harm caused by centuries of environmental racism and to build a more equitable future. We are dedicated to anti-racism and to reckoning with our own biases.
Partnerships are at the heart of how we work.
We believe that trust is the foundation for progress. Our strength is rooted in our relationships. We convene varied stakeholders to forge common ground. If we disagree, it is with respect. We listen carefully, consider divergent perspectives, and operate with integrity.

The Environmental League of Massachusetts advocates for policy that meets the scale and urgency of our environmental challenges.

ELM Action Fund

The ELM Action Fund builds political power that meets the scale and urgency of our environmental challenges.

Our Team

Ben Bailey, Development Director
Casey Bowers, ELM Action Fund Executive Director
Amy Boyd Rabin, Vice President of Policy
Leigh Chandler, Communications & Events Manager 
Jennifer Delony, Offshore Wind Communications Director
Madeline Doctor, Data Systems Manager 
Alicia Goganian, Campaign Manager 
Miriam Posner Harris, Executive Vice President 
Susannah Hatch, Clean Energy Policy Director
Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, President 
Imani James, Operations Coordinator 
Ellen Macaulay, Operations Director
David Melly, Legislative Director
Bianca Pokrzywa, Digital Communications Coordinator
Andrew Reed, Vice President of Development 
Zahra Saifee, Policy & Advocacy Coordinator 
Randi Soltysiak, Director of Finance  

We thank former staff members Juan Pablo Jaramillo, Susannah Hatch and Nancy Goodman for their contributions in fiscal year 2023. 

Celebrating Nancy Goodman

After twenty-five years of advocacy with ELM, Vice President of Policy Nancy Goodman moved on to new adventures. She cultivated deep relationships across Massachusetts’ environmental community and left a lasting impact on our Commonwealth and its environment.

We thank her for all of her valuable work.

Board of Directors

  • Gordon Burnes, Board Chair 
  • Bethany Patten, Treasurer & Clerk 
  • Alicia Barton 
  • Hank Bell 
  • Mark Bilbe 
  • JocCole “JC” Burton 
  • William “Buzz” Constable 
  • Ben Downing 
  • Robert Fishman 
  • Isabel Grantham Rappoport 
  • Elizabeth Turnbull Henry 
  • Seth Jaffe 
  • Namrita Kapur 
  • Anne Kelly 
  • Ken Kimmell 
  • Ginger Lawrence 
  • Bradley McLean 
  • Dhiraj Malkani 
  • Sandhya Murali
  • Pete Pedersen 
  • Emily Reichert 
  • Gwen Ruta 
  • Tedd Saunders
  • Katie Theoharides 

ELM Action Fund

Board of Directors

  • Natalia Linos, Board Chair 
  • Bethany Patten, Treasurer & Clerk 
  • Will Austin 
  • Gordon Burnes 
  • Robert Fishman 
  • Douglas Foy 
  • Elizabeth Turnbull Henry 
  • Seth Jaffe 
  • Annie Lydgate 
  • Nikko Mendoza 
  • Peter Nessen 
  • Matt O’Malley 
  • Tedd Saunders 
  • Warren Tolman 
  • Jacquetta Van Zandt  
  • Mark Walsh 

Advisory Council


A Message from Leadership

Dear Friends, 

This past year, ELM made impressive progress to set our Commonwealth on a path to a thriving, inclusive clean energy future. While we accomplished a lot, there is more work to be done.

For 125 years, ELM has been on the vanguard of environmental policy. Since 1898, we have been a force on Beacon Hill, advocating for policies that meet the scale and urgency of our most pressing challenges. We protected our land, air, and water from degradation, spearheaded the creation of our state park system, and helped pass landmark laws such as the Environmental Bill of Rights and the Global Warming Solutions Act.

We are proud of our track record and recognize that leadership has never been more necessary. In the past year, we have demonstrated:

  • ELM’s voice empowers our state’s leaders to take action. Our advocacy turns ideas into laws by helping bills such as An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind cross the finish line and by making environmental spending a “must-fund” through our Green Budget leadership.
  • Our deep and diverse partnerships yield results. The New England for Offshore Wind coalition, founded and led by ELM, exemplifies the power of our relationships. Massachusetts’ groundbreaking climate legislation, and ELM’s advocacy to pass it, provided our coalition partners with the knowledge and skills to steward a 2023 offshore wind bill through the Maine legislature to become law.
  • The ELM Action Fund’s endorsement is powerful. More than 90% of our endorsed candidates were elected to office this past year. The significantly increased power and resources of the ELM Action Fund IE PAC provided pivotal visibility for environmental candidates such as Attorney General Andrea Campbell.

Every day, we work to ensure our state takes effective steps toward national leadership on climate. By expanding our team’s expertise, deepening our cross-sector partnerships, and equipping candidates to be effective environmental champions, we are building a Commonwealth where our residents, economy, and natural world thrive.

A prosperous clean energy future is within our reach, but only if we commit to bold policy action. We hope you will continue to support our vital work.

In gratitude,

Elizabeth Henry, President
Gordon Burnes, Board Chair
Natalia Linos, ELM Action Fund Board Chair

Success by the Numbers


years of environmental advocacy


Earth Night attendees


Corporate Council members


messages sent to legislators from the ELM Action Fund


environmental champions endorsed


of endorsed candidates elected to office


visitors to the Green Voter Guide


new staff members


key policy issues

Representing Nationwide Movements

ELM’s efforts have catalyzed a green, just, and vibrant clean energy future across New England. NWF is grateful for the close collaboration with ELM, our Massachusetts state affiliate. By uniting a diverse set of stakeholders across the region, they are driving lasting change.

COLLIN O'MARA President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation

LCV is proud to have the ELM Action Fund as our state affiliate in Massachusetts. Their team is passionate, strategic, and leaving a lasting impact. Their work electing climate leaders and passing some of the strongest environmental laws in the nation has modeled leadership for other states across the country.

GENE KARPINSKI President, League of Conservation Voters

Year in Review

July 20

President Biden visits Brayton Point, marking its transition to clean energy

August 11

Governor Baker signs the 2022 Climate and Clean Energy Bill

August 16

Mayor Wu files legislation for Boston to join MA pilot program, banning fossil fuel hook-ups in new buildings & major renovations

September 6

Massachusetts's 2022 primary elections are a massive success for ELM Action Fund-endorsed environmental champions

September 12

ELM staff attend celebration of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law at Boston Logan Airport

September 20

ELM joined New England for Offshore Wind, partners, and legislators from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine to experience the potential of offshore wind by touring the Block Island Wind Farm

September 27

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry joins panel of climate experts at Boston Business Journal's 'Our Changing Climate' event, held at the New England Aquarium

October 29

The ELM Action Fund co-hosts the Labor and Climate Canvass with Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll

November 8

Election Day! ELM Action Fund helps elect 43 environmental champions

November 10

ELM and the ELM Action Fund hold an election debrief about the outcomes of key races and how to accelerate environmental progress

December 2

ELM serves on the Host Committee for the 2022 Earthshot Prize

December 14

Corporate Council Leader Breakfast with Dr. David Cash, Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

January 25

Corporate Council Policy Briefing at MIT Sloan offers staff and council members the chance to discuss key upcoming issues for 2023 advocacy work

February 16

ELM's Legislative Breakfast with speakers Majority Leader Cindy Creem and Chair Jeffrey Roy

March 8

ELM joins LCV’s Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. and meets with Elizabeth Warren’s team

April 6

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry sits on the panel of MassCEC's Permitting Reform Event, covering how to achieve decarbonization goals and a net-zero Commonwealth

April 24

Corporate Council Leader Lunch with Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll

May 16

ELM Action Fund-endorsed candidate Dominick Pangallo wins election for Mayor of Salem

May 18

ELM holds our largest Earth Night yet at Fenway Park

June 3

ELM celebrates 125 years of advocacy!

June 13

The Healey Administration announces the creation of Massachusetts Climate Bank

On June 3, ELM celebrated leading 125 years of advocacy in Massachusetts.

ELM was founded in 1898 to advocate for solutions to the Commonwealth’s most urgent environmental challenges. In our early years, we safeguarded our state’s precious land and natural resources from industrial degradation.   

  • In the 1930s, ELM planted over 100,000 trees along state highways.
  • In 1966, we fought against commercialization efforts on Mount Greylock, protecting the mountain from being turned into a ski resort.
  • In 1972, we were a key player in incorporating the Environmental Bill of Rights into our state’s constitution. 

ELM has always quickly addressed the multi-faceted nature of our state’s environmental challenges and adapted to present swift and innovative responses.

  • In 1998, ELM fought against state efforts to subsidize major polluters.
  • We played a key role in the passage of the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act, which established legally binding emissions limits in one of the nation’s first comprehensive programs addressing climate change.
  • We formed the ELM Action Fund in 2015 to provide electoral support to climate champions in the face of new challenges.

In the past five years, ELM has rapidly grown its influence in key policy areas affecting the Commonwealth. We formed the New England for Offshore Wind coalition in 2020 and had a significant role in the passage of the 2021 Next Generation Roadmap Law.

Despite shifting priorities, one thing has never changed throughout our 125 years of history. Since 1898, ELM has remained a force to be reckoned with on Beacon Hill, building the political power of environmental advocacy in Massachusetts.  

In the News

Year at a Glance
Fellowship Program

ELM & ELM Action Fund Fellows: 2022-2023

The Fellows Program at ELM helped shape my professional development in ways I could have never imagined. My work today at the Environmental Protection Agency is made possible through the incredible experiences and exposure provided by the program.Ahmad PerezFormer ELM Action Fund Fellow

ELM and the ELM Action Fund oversee a longstanding and highly successful Campaign & Advocacy Fellowship program that attracts students across Massachusetts interested in environmental policy and political campaigns. Our program brings in talented young changemakers and helps develop their skills to advance their environmental careers.  

This year, fourteen students joined our team — as Campaign & Advocacy Fellows or as interns — specializing in a wide range of work from politics and policy to communications. Since completing the program, many of them have begun exciting careers at workplaces such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Energy Ventures, Harvard University, and even ELM.


Fellows and Interns supporting ELM in FY23


Hours campaigning for candidates

Campaign & Advocacy Fellows

    The Heller School at Brandeis University
    Tufts University
    UMass Amherst
    Boston University
    UMass Amherst
    Wellesley College
    The Heller School at Brandeis University
    Boston University School of Public Health
    Tufts University
    Boston University
    UMass Amherst

Interns + Fellows

    Tufts University
    Boston University
    Emerson College
    Emerson College


Building on the success of the 2021-2022 legislative session, ELM and the ELM Action Fund’s 2023-2024 Policy Agenda focuses on seizing our state’s greatest opportunities to decarbonize: catalyzing our clean energy transition, greening our buildings, and electrifying our transportation. To ensure a transition that is inclusive and achievable, we work to integrate equity and environmental justice, secure financing for innovation and infrastructure, and hold our leaders accountable.

As we enter the second half of this two-year legislative session, our organization knows Massachusetts cannot slow down our pace of progress. We urgently need our leaders to take action for our Commonwealth to meet its 2025 and 2030 climate and clean energy goals. Utilizing our team’s expertise and robust relationships, we will advocate for the passage and implementation of key policy initiatives, including another comprehensive climate bill, that will set Massachusetts on track to reach our net-zero goals.


Catalyzing the Clean Energy Transition
Develop and deploy clean energy infrastructure to reduce emissions from the electricity sector, stabilize consumer costs, increase reliability, secure energy diversity and independence, grow and modernize the grid, and create new high-quality jobs.
Advancing Sustainable Transportation
Invest in zero-emission transportation solutions and electrified, reliable public transit options to make communities healthier and drive our state’s competitiveness.
Greening our Buildings
Build efficient and resilient green infrastructure by reducing barriers to adoption of new technologies, increasing access for underserved communities to efficiency and decarbonization programs, and growing a diverse workforce to meet demand for net-zero construction and building retrofits.
Pursuing Equity and Environmental Justice
Ensure that our transition to clean energy offers equitably-distributed benefits and reduces historic burdens in environmental justice communities that have been most impacted by past harm and are most vulnerable to future impacts of climate change.
Financing for Innovation and Infrastructure
Fund the implementation of the state’s Clean Energy and Climate Plan with robust, sustainable funding for our state’s environmental agencies and natural resource protection programs, while making decarbonization affordable and accessible to all residents.
Reducing Waste
Shift the responsibility of paying for packaging from municipalities to producers, therefore incentivizing waste reduction, reducing plastic pollution, and reducing emissions.


In 2021, ELM created, an online tool that tracks Massachusetts’s progress toward achieving 50% emissions reductions by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. While originally created to hold lawmakers accountable for implementing The Next Generation Roadmap Law on time, ELM has grown and expanded this tool over the past fiscal year to include new information and features that more broadly inform the public and enable tracking of climate progress statewide. 

The website now also details provisions, deadlines, and progress for An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind and climate-related Executive Orders and will continue to track future complementary policies to the Next Generation Roadmap Law. Our team continues to update and evolve to track and report the Commonwealth’s climate action and statutory compliance. 


Offshore Wind

Catalyzing Offshore Wind

ELM’s advocacy for responsibly developed offshore wind has culminated in a third banner year of leadership in expanding the impact of New England for Offshore Wind. This coalition of more than 100 environmental organizations, academic institutions, businesses and business associations, and labor unions is committed to protecting the environment and wildlife, strengthening our regional economy, ensuring stable energy prices, improving public health by reducing pollution, and creating high-quality jobs and equitable access to economic opportunity. 

In late 2022, ELM drove the collaborative design of key coalition priorities for the coming years. These priorities include encouraging New England states to commit to supplying one-third of the region’s electricity with offshore wind by 2030 and building opportunities for regional collaboration to accelerate development and improve project outcomes across our shared power grid. 

Offshore Wind


new NE4OSW members


press releases


comment letters

Getting Projects Over the Finish Line

In the spring of 2023, Vineyard Wind reached a critical milestone for our climate goals with the start of construction on the first offshore wind farm in Massachusetts. At 804-MW, Vineyard Wind is also the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the U.S. 

ELM applauded this long-awaited milestone and continues to shape New England for Offshore Wind’s public outreach to ensure that planned offshore wind projects reach the finish line without delay to meet commitments states in the Northeast have made to mitigate climate change. 

This Vineyard Wind project just south of Martha’s Vineyard is expected to deliver power to the grid in 2023. 

Coordinated Transmission Solutions

By engaging with the New England states’ Energy Vision and Regional Transmission Initiative as well as working directly with states and key federal agencies, ELM plays a pivotal role in advancing the national dialogue on the need for a regional offshore wind transmission system.  

ELM advocates for strategic collaborative investments in transmission solutions for offshore wind. This includes the request for near-term solutions by the New England states in coordination with other regions to save billions in transmission-related costs, significantly reduce effects on marine habitats and wildlife, diminish onshore impacts to communities, and spur investment in the clean energy economy.  

Recent outcomes include: 

  • A New England states-submitted concept paper for a networked offshore grid, advocated for by the coalition; 
  • A request from Northeast states to the U.S. Department of Energy to convene and support interregional planning;
  • A Brattle Group report showing that an offshore grid would result in $20 billion in cost savings, 60-70% fewer onshore and offshore impacts, and increased reliability. 

Responsibly Deployed Solar

Our work prioritizes siting solar development where it has the least environmental impact. By lowering barriers to solar installations on built and disturbed lands, we are protecting natural and working lands.

The July 2023 Technical Potential of Solar study from the Department of Energy Resources provides a foundation for ELM’s ongoing advocacy for state leaders to update clean energy policies and reduce the regulatory hurdles that keep residents and businesses from building and interconnecting solar projects.

There are many advocacy groups on Beacon Hill, but ELM stands out as the most hard-working, strategic, and knowledgeable group of people I have had the pleasure of working with. There is no bigger challenge to humanity than climate change and their team has been remarkably effective in passing nation-leading policy to address this crisis.

State Representative Dylan Fernandes Serving the Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket District

Expanding Our Green Budget

Our environmental agencies have suffered from decades of significant and sustained underfunding, resulting in structural deficits that impact services and staff for critical conservation programs. We require historic investment to implement the Clean Energy and Climate Plan, incorporate environmental justice and climate resiliency into existing work, and respond to new threats to public and environmental health.

As leaders of the Green Budget Coalition, ELM and the ELM Action Fund are proud that the final FY24 budget includes over $540 million to address pressing environmental challenges. Through our efforts, this budget dramatically increases funding for key climate and conservation programs to meet our present needs and build capacity for the future.

  • $21 million for administration of the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs ($4.9 million increase over FY23) 
  • $10 million for climate adaptation and preparedness ($4.6 million increase over FY23) 
  • $8.8 million for environmental justice ($7.5 million increase over FY23) 
  • $52 million for the Department of Environmental Protection ($6.6 million increase over FY23) 
  • $20 million for the Department of Public Utilities ($1.3 million increase over FY23) 
  • $105 million for parks and recreation ($20.5 million increase over FY23) 

Our State's First Climate Bank

In June 2023, the Healey Administration announced the creation of the Massachusetts Community Climate Bank, the first of its kind in the nation. The bank has received $50 million from the Department of Environmental Protection and is located within the state’s MassHousing agency to prioritize reducing emissions in the building sector. This structure positions Massachusetts to both take advantage of federal funds available from the Inflation Reduction Act, as well as center environmental justice by focusing on affordable housing. 

ELM made climate banking a centerpiece of its funding-related advocacy to the Legislature, the outgoing Baker Administration, and the incoming Healey Administration. By working with stakeholders, including experts from neighboring states, we articulated the benefits of this financing model and the urgency of building the necessary infrastructure to pursue available federal funding. ELM built awareness and support for this new but fast-growing model while ensuring equity protections are incorporated from inception.

The Healey Administration’s swift work to establish the Climate Bank is an impressive example of responding to challenges with innovation. ELM hopes to see this model expand in the coming years.

Coalition Membership

ELM is a member of multiple collaborative coalitions. This membership expands the reach of our work and influence and allows our organization to collaborate with expert stakeholders in key policy areas.   

New England for Offshore Wind, working to increase the supply of clean energy to our regional grid through the procurements of responsibly developed offshore wind.  

Green Budget Coalition, advocating for state investment in climate resiliency, open space, and natural resource protection.  

GWSA Implementation Advisory Committee, providing stakeholder feedback on the implementation of the Global Warming Solutions Act, decarbonization initiatives, and the Clean Energy and Climate Plans.  

Alliance for Clean Energy Solutions, working to advance clean energy across a variety of sectors.  

Massachusetts Environmental Justice Table, working to advance environmental justice initiatives in the Commonwealth.  

Transportation for Massachusetts, advocating for sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation policies.  

Zero Emission Vehicle Coalition, promoting the decarbonization of the transportation sector.  

Browning the Green Space, advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the clean energy sector.  

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance, strengthening river policies regarding water quality, streamflow, wildlife habitat, and green infrastructure investment.  

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, promoting preventative action around toxic hazards.  

The Zero Carbon Renovation Fund, working to secure state funding for zero carbon renovations in buildings across Massachusetts.  

Plastic Free Mass, advocating for sustainable waste reduction policy to protect people and nature from pollution and reduce waste-related carbon emissions.

The Zero-Emission Vehicle Coalition

The Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Coalition is a broad-based coalition that promotes the decarbonization of the transportation sector. ELM worked alongside the ZEV Coalition to advocate for the transition to 100% electric vehicle fleets by 2035. We also work toward the elimination of exhaust emissions and the increase in electric vehicle accessibility in environmental justice communities.

The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow

The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow works to protect people from toxic chemicals, advocating for a precautionary approach that prioritizes testing chemicals and eliminating toxic hazards that harm the environment. ELM joined efforts to build consensus around pending legislation to implement the recommendations. Our team is working with legislative leaders to ensure that this common-sense policy advances swiftly to “turn off the tap,” banning products containing PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances that pose dangers to human and animal health) from entering the environment.

Bridging the Business & Government Sectors

In 2010, ELM launched the Corporate Council, a group of dedicated, strategic business partners who know that the goals of a healthy environment and a thriving economy go hand in hand. Now at 30 members, the Corporate Council provides opportunities for businesses and institutions leading on sustainability to productively engage with the legislative process and encourage others in their sector to follow their example. These businesses exemplify the possibilities of a pro-business/pro-environment future and use their power to help drive policy that promotes a thriving and equitable Commonwealth.

ELM hosts biannual gatherings to provide Corporate Council members an opportunity to engage in thoughtful and candid exchange with key leaders on timely issues related to the environment and the economy.

In September 2022, the ELM Corporate Council met with Dr. David Cash, Regional Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, at Amalgamated Bank to discuss the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, the EPA’s role in clean energy siting, and Massachusetts’ ability to utilize federal funding.

In April 2023, our members gathered at Verizon with Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, who spoke about the Administration’s work to integrate climate initiatives throughout their cabinet and how businesses can support decarbonization efforts.

At our annual Energy & Environmental Policy Briefing in January 2023, ELM welcomed over sixty guests, virtually and at MIT Sloan School of Management, where our team discussed policy targets for the coming year. Corporate Council members and guests left with a thorough understanding of ELM’s priority issues and how they can best engage with environmental advocacy.

Supporting climate justice is a core element of our corporate values. We are proud to be a member of the ELM Corporate Council where we use our voice as a financial institution to advocate for bold policy solutions to the climate crisis. Transitioning to a just, clean economy benefits our customers and shareholders as a socially responsible bank and will allow us to reach our critical greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Kathy Gasperine First Vice President Social Impact Banking, Amalgamated Bank


In 2022, the ELM Action Fund endorsed a powerhouse slate of environmental champions running for state office throughout Massachusetts. For example, we successfully supported Second Suffolk Senator Liz Miranda, a diligent voice for environmental justice, in her competitive race to move from the House to the Senate. In early 2023, the team supported candidates in municipal races, including Mayor of Salem Dominick Pangallo, who demonstrated commitment to electrified transportation, environmental justice, offshore wind, and more. From door knocking and reaching voters digitally to advising campaigns on key environmental issues, the ELM Action Fund served as an influential partner throughout their run.

Massachusetts voters prioritized climate at the ballot box, electing almost all of our ELM Action Fund-endorsed candidates.

With 46 of our 50 endorsed candidates winning this fiscal year, it is clear that the ELM Action Fund’s endorsement is increasingly an influential differentiator within Massachusetts elections.

More than ever, Massachusetts’ winning candidates centered their campaigns on climate change, clean energy, and environmental justice. Voters recognized that we don’t have time to waste. Our government must respond swiftly to implement effective climate solutions.

Casey Bowers Executive Director, ELM Action Fund


Candidates endorsed by the ELM Action Fund


Elected to office


Doors knocked for climate champions


Get out the vote phone calls made


Women candidates endorsed


Candidates of color endorsed

Securing Statewide Offices

With open seats in the positions of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, the 2022 elections presented a historic opportunity to elect climate champions to statewide office. The ELM Action Fund was an early and robust supporter of both Maura Healey for Governor and Andrea Campbell for Attorney General.

Our new statewide leaders reflect both the diversity of the Commonwealth and that climate is a winning campaign issue among Massachusetts voters. Maura Healey is the first woman and first LGBTQ+ identifying person to be elected Governor in Massachusetts and Healey and Kim Driscoll were elected as the first all-women Governor-Lieutenant Governor ticket in U.S. history. Andrea Campbell is the first Black woman elected to statewide office in Massachusetts.

These three officials entered office with some of the strongest climate priorities in the nation, committed to making Massachusetts a leader on offshore wind, environmental justice, and the green economy.

Andrea Campbell

Attorney General
Andrea Campbell has a history of working at every level to holistically approach major issues like climate, and she has the skills to move with urgency to address climate through an intersectional lens.

Kim Driscoll

Lieutenant Governor

With her history of climate action in Salem, we were proud to support her re-election bid for Mayor.

Maura Healey

With her detailed, ambitious, and strategic climate plan, Maura Healey's administration will put the Commonwealth on a path to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and invest in a green and just economy.

Climate Leaders in Our Legislature

With the ELM Action Fund’s strategic support, an impressive number of both new and incumbent House and Senate environmental champions won their races. Our candidates won elections to represent districts from the Berkshires to Barnstable and Lawrence to Hampden. Voters across the state made it clear that climate is a deciding factor for Massachusetts residents.

Out of 43 candidates endorsed in the general legislative election, 40 won their races, with historical successes for women candidates and candidates of color. In 2022, legislative redistricting created thirty-nine new Majority Minority Opportunity Districts; the ELM Action Fund made endorsements in nine of them. Seven of these candidates won their races, making great strides for representation.

The leaders endorsed by the ELM Action Fund are building a State House ready and committed to accelerating the pace of progress and building a greener, more equitable Commonwealth for all.

Liz Miranda

State Senator
Representative Miranda’s strong commitment to climate justice and equity has made her a leader in the House, and she will ensure that the Senate remains focused on the people most affected by our environmental challenges. 

Pavel Payano

State Senator
Currently a Lawrence City Councilor-at-Large, Pavel Payano has proven to be a strong environmental justice leader. Alongside his strong environmental policy objectives, he will work to ensure districts like his own are not left behind as the state moves toward electrification. 

Sarah Peake

State Representative
Representative Peake’s long service to her district has proven her ability to prioritize and fight for climate legislation, including improvement of the state’s public transit system and the push to reach net-zero emissions. 

Tommy Vitolo

State Representative
Through his long history of environmental advocacy along with his nuanced understanding of energy policy, Representative Vitolo has proven his commitment and ability to fight for climate justice on many fronts, from renewable energy to wildlife protection. 

The ELM Action Fund’s support was invaluable to my campaign for 2nd Suffolk State Senate. From organizing climate justice advocates and bringing out our young people to know doors, make calls, and get out the vote on my behalf; they ensured voters from every pocket of the district knew that as their climate justice candidate – I would bring their agenda and voices to the halls of Beacon Hill with me.

State Senator Liz Miranda Serving the 2nd Suffolk District

Expanding Our Possibilities with the ELM Action Fund IE PAC

The ELM Action Fund Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee (IE PAC) reached new heights in the 2022 election season, both in our ambitions and our successes. The IE PAC allows us to massively scale up our outreach and campaigning.

The team running the 2022 IE PAC set a goal of raising $1M to support climate candidates. We exceeded this goal, investing $1.35M in races across the Commonwealth. The expenditures leading up to the September primary represented roughly a quarter of outside spending in all primary races across the state.

Using various paid media tactics including mail, digital and social advertising, and direct ad buys in local news outlets, our IE PAC team supported a slate of ten candidates who were passionate about protecting our environment and combating climate change. We used environmentally focused messaging to target and activate our base of progressive climate voters, reaching over a quarter of a million voters. With just over one million ballots cast in the primary out of almost five million eligible voters, we were able to connect – often repeatedly – with a significant percentage of the electorate.

In 2022, the ELM Action Fund IE PAC sent a clear message that we are building the political power of our state’s environmental movement.

  • 271,651 voters reached by mail   
  • 600k pieces of mail sent 
  • 11.6M digital ad impressions   
  • 5.7M video views   
  • 4M+ of which were ‘completed’ views   
  • 12,000 visits to the MA climate champs website 

Green Voter Guide

Since its launch in 2020, the ELM Action Fund’s Green Voter Guide has been an influential tool for environmentally-conscious voters, allowing voters to enter their address and see which candidates on their ballot have earned the endorsement of any of our state’s top five environmental organizations.

This year marked the first time that voters were able to donate to climate champions directly through the site, providing voters a trusted platform to find and support endorsed candidates simultaneously. During the election cycle, over 11,000 voters used the guide to find environmental leaders on their ballots.

Visit the Green Voter Guide

A Robust & Ready Cabinet

The impact of our work to elect a climate leader as governor is further underscored by the powerful appointments in her administration. Among those leaders are Chief Melissa Hoffer and Undersecretary María Belén Power.

On her first day in office, Governor Healey appointed Chief Hoffer to be the state’s first Climate Chief. Hoffer served in the Attorney General’s office to set Massachusetts on track to reach its net-zero goals. Undersecretary Power, whom ELM recognized in 2022 for her leadership on the Environmental Justice Table, was appointed to be the first Environmental Justice Undersecretary. She focuses on centering justice in the state’s climate plans. We are proud to work alongside these leaders to implement climate solutions.

A Historic Win in Salem

The ELM Action Fund is proud to have supported Dominick Pangallo’s campaign in the special Mayoral Election in Salem. As a former Chief of Staff to now Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, Mayor Pangallo had proven his effectiveness at driving climate initiatives, making him the right candidate to advance Salem’s role in expanding offshore wind and to bring well-paying clean energy jobs to the city. With the endorsement of the ELM Action Fund, Pangallo won the Mayoral election on a platform strongly based on climate resiliency, offshore wind infrastructure, and environmental justice.  


Labor and Climate Canvass with Kim Driscoll

In the final days of the 2022 election season, the ELM Action Fund showed support for the Healey-Driscoll campaign’s commitment to grow our clean energy sector and create thousands of good-paying, sustainable jobs. On Saturday, October 29 the ELM Action Fund organized a canvass kickoff in Dorchester alongside the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, the Massachusetts Sierra Club Chapter, and 350 Mass Action. Soon-to-be Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll spoke to the crowd of over fifty canvassers.

Recognizing Massachusetts' Vision at the Earthshot Prize

ELM was proud to be a member of the Host Committee for The Earthshot Prize, Boston 2022. Inspired by President Kennedy’s bold and unifying ‘Moonshot’ goal to reach the moon within a decade, The Earthshot Prize’s vision is to harness that same spirit of human ingenuity and collaboration and apply it to the most pressing challenge we face – repairing and restoring our planet. On December 2, 2022, members of the ELM staff joined fellow climate leaders and the British royal family for their presentation of the 2022 Earthshot Prizes.


Earth Night Attendees


Attendee growth over 2022


Earth Night sponsors

I want to thank [Elizabeth] and the incredible team at ELM for doing such important work to moving forward to delivering cleaner, healthier, sustainable, and equitable future for all of us[I’ve seen] so much change happening. Change that is convincing that the clean energy future is not just possible- it’s happening now! We just need to keep pushing together.

Gina McCarthy Former United States Administrator

This is truly the Green Monster organization of MA, and we are grateful for your advocacy on every level.

Mayor Michelle Wu Mayor of Boston

Congratulations to our Commonwealth Environmental Leadership Awardees

Speaker Ronald Mariano, honored for playing a key role in passing momentous state climate legislation, including the Next Generation Roadmap law and An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind. Presented by Former Speaker Robert DeLeo 

Gina McCarthy, honored for her over thirty years of advocacy for air quality and environmental protection at the state and federal levels, most recently serving as the first-ever White House National Climate Advisor. Presented by Secretary John Kerry 

Mayor Michelle Wu, honored for her bold, pragmatic leadership, with climate action at the forefront of her ambitious policies as Mayor. Presented by Chair Aaron Michlewitz 

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Financial Snapshot

The Environmental League of Massachusetts

Income: $2,329,821
Expenses: $1,849,458

ELM Action Fund

Income: $1,149,384
Expenses: $1,053,542

Thank you to all of our donors for supporting our purpose to secure the health and wellbeing of the environment and of future generations.

ELM Supporter Profile: Bob Fishman

Bob Fishman, an ELM Board member since 2015, was a partner at the Boston law firm of Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP for more than forty years, with a particular interest in environmental law, land use, and public policy. So, when he first became acquainted with ELM over eight years ago, Bob was drawn to the organization’s policy advocacy work. ELM was committed to fact-based decision-making and was more focused on Beacon Hill than fellow nonprofits – leading to effective relationships with lawmakers. “I wanted to commit my time and resources to protecting our environment for my children and grandchildren,” he said, and seized the opportunity to support ELM’s unique approach. 

“When I speak with others about ELM, I use the word ‘strategic.’” Bob sees this approach in ELM’s decisions to partner with businesses on its Corporate Council and to be an early environmental supporter of offshore wind, as well as in the ELM Action Fund’s focused support of progressive climate candidates.  

Over the last five years, Bob has “seen ELM deepen its policy expertise even further and bring on new staff that set up our organization and Commonwealth to succeed.”  

Bob looks forward to ELM continuing to grow and to using its position as a trusted State House partner to set Massachusetts on track to achieving a thriving green economy.

ELM has been a real leader championing a swift and equitable transition to clean energy in Massachusetts and New England. Barr is grateful to be able to support ELM and count them a trusted partner in this vital work.

Jim Canales President, Barr Foundation
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