ELM Action Fund Solutions 2030

ELM and the ELM Action Fund will set Massachusetts on course to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050 through policy advocacy, political power, and strategic partnerships.

Hear from Leadership

This is the foundation from which we fight to ensure Massachusetts leads the nation in building a prosperous clean energy future. 2030 will be here before we know it, so let’s get to work. So much is within our reach, and it will require all of us to work together.

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry President, Environmental League of Massachusetts

ELM and the ELM Action Fund combine strong leadership, policy expertise, political acumen, and partnerships with the public and private sectors to help drive sustainable change. I know that, with our generous supporters, we will achieve our ambitious goals. The actions we take in the next few years will make a profound impact on future generations.

Gordon Burnes Board Chair, Environmental League of Massachusetts

The ELM Action Fund worked hard to make climate a winning issue, elect strong environmental leaders, and build our stature on Beacon Hill. Now is the time to turn those electoral wins into decisive action to address the environmental challenges that impact all Massachusetts residents.

Casey Bowers Executive Director, ELM Action Fund

Massachusetts has a responsibility to ensure that the clean energy transition prioritizes marginalized communities where there has been historic disinvestment, while improving health  and creating jobs. These priorities are integrated into every part of our work.

Dr. Natalia Linos Board Chair, ELM Action Fund

ELM Action Fund

The ELM Action Fund builds political power that meets the scale and urgency of our environmental challenges.

Our Approach

Elections: Building Our State's Political Power by Electing Climate Champions

Our team advocates to lawmakers for policy change – and shapes who is elected. The ELM Action Fund educates voters, endorses candidates, protects effective environmental champions, electing candidates with the vision, values and skills to lead on these issues. We make climate and environment winning issues at the ballot box and are committed to ensuring that elected leaders reflect the diversity of our state. As a result, candidates seek our endorsement – and see results.

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