September 7, 2022

27 Climate Champions Victorious in the Massachusetts Primary Election

27 Climate Champions Victorious in the Massachusetts Primary Election
Voters signal that strong environmental plans are a deciding factor.

Yesterday, 27 out of 31 state-level candidates endorsed by the ELM Action Fund won their primary campaign races and now move forward to the General Election ballot. Voters proved that bold plans to address the growing climate crisis and protect the public health of constituents are a winning campaign issue.

“Each of the candidates the ELM Action Fund endorsed are running on ambitious environmental plans,” stated Casey Bowers, Executive Director of the ELM Action Fund. “These results make it clear that climate is on the ballot in this election cycle.”

The ELM Action Fund is proud to have supported each of these campaigns, including:

Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General, whose detailed and strategic climate plan will put the Commonwealth on a path to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change and to invest in a green and just economy as Governor.

Former Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell won her Democratic primary race for Attorney General. She has the skill to lead on the climate crisis, in one of the most critical offices, to both protect our health and push entities to move with the urgency that we need.

Two of the ELM Action Fund’s endorsed candidates move from the Massachusetts House of Representatives to State Senate. Liz Miranda won her primary race for State Senate in the 2nd Suffolk District after defeating four other candidates. Her commitment to climate justice and equity has made her a leader in the House, and we know she will continue her strong environmental work in the Senate. Jake Oliviera won his primary race in the Hampden, Hampshire, and Worcester District. He has put sustainable infrastructure at the center of his campaign, including his call for an East-West rail line.

State Representative Tommy Vitolo secured his re-election nomination in the 15th Norfolk District in Brookline after being challenged. Over the past four years Representative Vitolo has proven his commitment and ability to fight for climate justice on many fronts, from renewable energy to wildlife protection.

State Representative Sarah Peake also won in her primary campaign in the 4th Barnstable District. Her long service to her district has proven her ability to prioritize and fight for climate legislation.

State House newcomer Manny Cruz secured the Democratic nomination for State Representative from Salem. He is a strong local champion for Salem and plans to tackle the climate crisis head-on by prioritizing environmental justice, coastal resiliency, and offshore wind.

Our endorsed candidates who lost their primary race made their mark by ensuring the environmental was part of the campaign. Chris Dempsey, who lost his race for State Auditor ensured that climate and transportation were central to the campaign. Candidates including Roberto Jiménez-Rivera and Zoe Dzineku, who each ran to become State Representatives, and Katrina Huff Larmond, who ran for State Senate, pushed their competitors to deepen their commitments to acting on climate, public transportation, and environmental justice.

The ELM Action Fund will continue supporting candidates as they campaign for the General Election on November 8, 2022. Find a full list of the ELM Action Fund’s endorsed candidates.

The ELM Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization that helps pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, holds our elected officials accountable, and works to build the political power of the environmental community. To learn more about our work and our recent electoral victories visit

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