September 2, 2020

The Environment and Our Energy Future are Winning Campaign Issues in 2020

Yesterday’s primary election demonstrated the value that Massachusetts voters place on protecting our environment and investing in clean energy. In our highly contested Democratic primary for U.S. Senate that received national attention as well as our state-level races for the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives, strong and bold plans to address the growing climate crisis and protect the public health of constituents for generations to come was a winning campaign issue.  

As the looming threat of climate change, critical decisions about our energy future, the importance of public health, and racial equity intersect, Massachusetts voters turned out in high numbers to ensure their voices were heard. Early votingvote by mail, and in person voting on election day gave eligible voters opportunities to safely cast their ballot and confirm their vote was counted. Democracy works best when everyone participates. 

Environmental champion and ELM Action Fund endorsed candidate Representative Christine Barber won her Democratic primary in the 34th Middlesex district. Representative Barber has been a long-time defender of our environment, consistently pushing for bold, progressive climate policy. With so much uncertainty at the federal level, the people of Somerville and Medford deserve this trusted, environmental champion and ally back in the state legislature. 

Former State House staffer and ELM Action Fund endorsed candidate Ted Philips won the Democratic primary in the 8th Norfolk. Ted has a vision for a Massachusetts fueled by renewable energy with accessible, equitable transit, and fully funded environmental programs and agencies. He’s also ready to work hard and fight to make this vision a reality. 

In the 12th Suffolk District, ELM Action Fund endorsed candidate Brandy Fluker-Oakley emerged victorious in the Democratic primary. Her wealth of experience will make her a strong advocate for the neighborhoods and communities she will serve as State Representative. We are excited to work with Brandy to create positive change for Boston, including improvements to accessible, efficient, and sustainable public transit. If elected in November, she will effectively work across sectors and build relationships with her colleagues, advocates, and constituents.  

ELM Action Fund endorsed candidate Steve Owens won the Democratic primary in the 29th Middlesex District. Transportation is a critical issue for Massachusetts, and especially for the residents of the 29th Middlesex. Steve Owens has important experience as a transportation consultant balancing efficient, equitable transportation, affordable housing, and preservation of open space and natural areas. 

Proven environmental champion and advocate City Councilor Orlando Ramos, also endorsed by the ELM Action Fund, won the Democratic primary in the 9th Hampden. Councilor Ramos has a track record of fighting for what’s best for his community. As State Representative, he would do so at an even greater scale. He will be a deeply passionate ally, advocating for policies that improve the health of his constituents and their environment, including pushing for a renewable energy future that benefits and protects all Massachusetts residents. 

The ELM Action Fund looks forward to supporting strong environmental candidates in the general election this coming November. See a full list of the ELM Action Fund’s 2020 endorsed candidates.

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