2021 Election Endorsements

The ELM Action Fund supports candidates that are committed to policies that meet the scale and urgency of the climate crisis we are in. We are a non-partisan organization that seeks questionnaires from all candidates, conducts interviews, and votes on endorsements. We are proud to endorse incumbents, challengers, and first-time candidates running for state and municipal office in Massachusetts.

Michelle Wu

Mayor of Boston

Councilor Wu has been leading on environmental and energy issues since she was first elected to the City Council in 2013 and she has lead the fight on community choice energy, plastic bag ban and so many other issues. Before running for office, she worked at City Hall for Mayor Tom Menino and on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign. She was the first candidate to enter the 2021 mayoral race and has released an ambitious and comprehensive plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery.

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María Belén Power

Chelsea City Council District 8

María Belén Power is a lifelong organizer, having advocated for immigrants, workers, and public housing tenants before starting her current role at GreenRoots Chelsea. She is running on a platform centered around justice and is dedicated to bringing improved quality of life, energy democracy, climate resiliency, and equitable transit access to the people of Chelsea as their city councilor from the 8th district. Power was most recently appointed by President Biden to serve on the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. She will bring experience, passion, and knowledge to the city council as she fights for a Chelsea that serves all of its residents. 

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Kenzie Bok

Boston City Council District 8

Kenzie Bok is running for re-election on her strong track record of environmental advocacy on Boston’s City Council. In the past, she’s played an activist role on climate initiatives by leading efforts that prevented the MBTA’s proposed service reduction of the Green Line’s E Branch. Councilor Bok will continue to make advances on municipal climate policy by beefing up rapid transit and green transportation infrastructure, speed up the implementation of the city’s Community Choice Aggregation plan, and making further investments in climate resiliency and access to greenspace. 

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Kim Driscoll

Mayor of Salem

Kim Driscoll is running for re-election on her capable leadership that has made Salem a city for all. She is committed to good governance and her record as mayor is indicative of this fact. She’s made strides in making Salem a leader on climate change by initiating a joint climate action plan with the city of Beverly, working with state leaders to determine the city’s role in the expansion of offshore wind, and expanding access to alternative forms of transportation. She clearly understands ELM’s priorities and will continue to take meaningful action to fight climate change on the municipal level.

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Andrea Freeman

Mayor of Leominster

Andrea Freeman is an 18-year Leominster resident with a strong environmental platform. She has spent her professional career working with organizations such as Growing Places and the Massachusetts Public Health Association that have given her an appreciation for the intersectionality of wide-ranging issues and climate change. She understands ELM’s priorities and as mayor she will lead the city to prepare for the effects of climate change and work to promote a culture of sustainability and energy efficiency. 

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Robert Gignac

Lowell City Council District 2

Robert Gignac is running on a platform committed to making Lowell a climate-oriented city. He understands the severity of the climate crisis and his professional career shows that he is more than willing to take on the challenge. His main goals as City Councilor are to cut the city’s reliance on fossil fuels by promoting renewables and promote a culture of sustainability and green living throughout the city.

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Jamila Gore

Northampton City Council At-Large

Jamila Gore is running on a platform committed to making Northampton a leader on climate issues. She is committed to governing for all to ensure that no communities are left to fend against the effects of climate change by themselves. To address these concerns, she will expand public transit to reduce emissions; advocate for more renewable energy in the city; and expand programs to address air quality hotspots, climate resiliency, and sustainability.

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Zaida Govan

Springfield City Council Ward 8

Zaida Govan is running on a platform committed to making Springfield a greener and more sustainable city. Her work as a social worker gives her a unique perspective on the issues that affect Springfield residents, and she will take that knowledge with her to city hall. She understands ELM’s priorities and as City Councilor she will work to reduce the city’s dependence on fossil fuels and prevent the construction or design of new polluters. 

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Etel Haxhiaj

Worcester City Council District 5

Etel Haxhiaj is passionate about providing a safe and healthy environment in Worcester. A single mother of two boys, she values the protection of open spaces and increasing walkability, bike-ability, and pedestrian safety through traffic calming measures. She’s also working to make public transit in Worcester efficient, fare-free, and sustainable. Haxhiaj has advocated for banning gas in new construction in Worcester, addressing unrepaired gas leaks, and transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. As Worcester District 5 City Councilor Haxhiaj will enforce environmentally necessary actions to create a better future for her community. 

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Nicole LaChapelle

Mayor of Easthampton

As Mayor, Nicole LaChapelle has been a pioneer of sustainability and a passionate advocate for protecting the environment. Nicole was first elected Mayor of Easthampton in 2017, and she has proven that she is the leader Easthampton needs for a sustainable future. She has spent her professional career as a champion of public service in Easthampton and its surrounding communities. Mayor LaChapelle understands the importance of agriculture in Western Massachusetts and she prioritizes developing strategies for sustainable agriculture and food sourcing while protecting farmland from commercial development.

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Jesse Lederman

Springfield City Council At-Large

Jesse Lederman is a Springfield native from the McKnight neighborhood who was raised by a single mother. He attended Mary O. Pottenger Elementary and the Springfield Renaissance Middle/High School and finally George Washington University and UMass Amherst. As a city councilor, he has continually fought to improve the lives of Springfield residents. He was a leading critic of the construction of the Springfield Biomass Plant and was successful in getting its permit revoked. He was instrumental in the accelerating the repair of gas leaks as well as the implementation of a Plastic Bag Ban. Springfield is now the second-largest city in Massachusetts to implement such a ban. He created the Standing Committee on Sustainability and Environment and was crucial in writing the Springfield Climate Action Plan.

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Nina Liang

Quincy City Council At-Large

Since her election in 2015, Councilor Liang has been dedicated to making government more accessible to all Quincy residents. She has pushed for transparency in downtown development as well as the creation of the Traffic, Parking, Alarm, and Lighting Department (TPAL) to reduce traffic and improve public safety. Her record on environmental issues and as city councilor is strong. She has advocated to convert the city fleet to electric vehiclesestablish designated bike lanes throughout the city, and create a sustainable mobility plan in partnership with community-organized environmental groups. 

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Tanya Lobo

Taunton City Council At-Large

Tanya Lobo is a proud Afro-Latina, a mother of three, and a Taunton resident who is committed to building a stronger community. She is running for City Council on a platform centered around environmental justice. She understands that issues surrounding public health and maternal health are all linked to climate change. She has the agency to take meaningful action to fight climate change on the municipal level.  

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Pavel Payano

Lawrence City Council At-Large

Pavel Payano is running for re-election on his strong record of environmental advocacy. He is proud of the ordinances he’s filed to prohibit the use of single use plastic bags in the city, impose fines on those that don’t recycle, create a recycling committee, mandate annual reporting on trash and recycling data, and create more opportunities for incentives. He is also proud to have been placed on the committee deciding the next Garbage and Recycling Hauler. As a long-time Lawrence resident, he understands the struggles people face throughout the city and he has shown time and again his willingness to tackle the important issues.

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Samantha Perlman

Marlborough City Council At-Large

Samantha Perlman is long-time Marlborough resident running for re-election. She was first elected in 2019 as the youngest woman ever elected to the City Council. Her record demonstrates strong support for ELM’s policy priorities, and she looks to build off her record in the next term. Among her many priorities, she hopes to continue to develop an open space plan, implement initiatives to tackle the overuse of plastic bags, and seek grant funding for changes to local ordinances to promote sustainability.

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Gina-Louise Sciarra

Mayor of Northampton

Gina-Louise Sciarra has history of environmental advocacy on the Northampton City Council. She supported legislation including the Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan and the Climate Resilience and Regeneration plan. One of her top priorities as Mayor would be to ensure Northampton meets its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and she’s aiming to hit the target ahead of schedule. With her bold plans to increase access to renewable energy and upgrade outdated infrastructure. 

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Gerly Adrien

Mayor of Everett

Gerly Adrien is the first Black, Haitian-American, female City Councilor At-Large for the City of Everett. She is an advocate for positive environmental change. As Mayor, she would push for the transition to 100% renewable energy and support infrastructure improvements to make communities resilient to climate change impacts. Councilor Adrien has a deep understanding of the connections between bold environmental policy and a strong economy. As Mayor of Everett, Adrien will create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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