August 6, 2020

Check Out the 2020 Green Voter Guide

The 2020 elections will determine our environmental future. Do you want to be represented by leaders who share our vision for a bright, healthy, and equitable future?

While much attention is being paid to the presidential race, we want Massachusetts voters to have just as deep an understanding of the candidates running to represent them in the State House. The ELM Action Fund compiled the endorsements of five of the leading environmental organizations in Massachusetts to help you identify candidates for the State Senate and House of Representatives who are committed to leading on environmental issues. We hope our combined efforts can highlight candidates who will fight to keep our air, land, and water safe

Learn which State House candidates align with your values. Our GREEN VOTER GUIDE ensures you are informed when you vote in the Primary and General elections this fall.

State legislators have the ability to enact strong environmental policies to protect our natural resources, drive a renewable energy economy, and build a more just and equitable future for our residents. Massachusetts has the potential to lead the nation in strong environmental policy, but only if we elect the right people who prioritize our public health, invest in clean jobs, and fight climate change.

Type your address into our Green Voter Guide and we will tell you who is on your ballot and whether they are endorsed by environmental organizations you trust.

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