Cement our leadership as a hub for offshore wind and ensure that we are shaping an equitable and responsible industry

Over the next decade, between one–sixth and one–third of New England’s nuclear, coal, and oil-fired power plants will close. As a region, we are facing a turning point. We have the opportunity to fill this gap with clean, efficient offshore wind. This local, clean resource can replace dirty fossil fuel power plants, resulting in improved air quality and health, particularly in overburdened environmental justice communities.

New England has a high demand for energy near the coast, abundant wind resources, and shallow waters that are perfect for turbines. This trifecta makes growing our offshore wind industry the greatest single lever New England can pull to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy at the same time, providing thousands of local jobs and protecting residents from unpredictable energy price spikes. We are working to ensure the Commonwealth requires diversity and inclusion plans for each offshore wind project, opening the door for minority participation in this fast-growing industry.

2021-2022 Priority Bills

An Act to Promote Offshore Wind Energy and Renewables (H3302/S2155) – Rep. Dylan Fernandes and Senator Julian Cyr

  • Authorizes additional offshore wind procurements
  • Requires that all projects avoid, minimize and mitigate environmental impacts and requires funding for ongoing monitoring
  • Promotes minority economic participation by requiring developers to include Diversity & Inclusion plans in their projects with regular reporting of results
  • Adds funding for research and workforce development
  • Establishes transparency and disclosure on workforce plans and past practices
  • Encourages private, institutional, and municipal procurements