Our Legacy

ELM Action Fund was launched in 2015 to build the political will in Massachusetts to pass bold and ambitious environmental policies. Since its founding, the organization has grown into a respected and reliable resource for elected officials, candidates and voters. The ELM Action Fund continues to pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, hold our elected officials accountable, and build the political power of the environmental community.

Since 2015 we’ve helped to pass some of the most ambitious pieces of legislation in the country. Recently, our advocacy helped to pass the Roadmap Bill to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, to codify strong environmental justice protections, and to increase offshore wind resources.

Our elections work and Political Action Committee continue to build power in communities across the state. We’ve knocked, texted, called and mailed thousands of voters in support of climate champions. We’re proud to have helped to elect environmental champions to offices including light plant board, city council, mayor, state representative and state senator.

Our sister organization, the Environmental League of Massachusetts was founded in 1898 and is the oldest environmental advocacy organization in the Commonwealth. ELM advocates for policy that meets the scale and urgency of our environmental challenges.

ELM Action Fund is the state affiliate of League of Conservation Voters which builds political power for people and the planet. LCV influences policy, holds politicians accountable and wins elections.


More About ELM Action Fund

LCV is proud to have the ELM Action Fund as our state affiliate in Massachusetts. Their team is passionate, strategic, and leaving a lasting impact. Their work electing climate leaders and passing some of the strongest environmental laws in the nation has modeled leadership for other states across the country.

GENE KARPINSKI President, League of Conservation Voters