November 3, 2021

16 Climate Champions Elected To Local Office

Candidates Proved Ambitious Environmental Plans Win Races

Yesterday, 16 of the 23 candidates the ELM Action Fund endorsed this year were elected to local offices across the Commonwealth with two additional races still awaiting final results. Massachusetts voters proved that running on ambitious environmental plans wins elections. Leaders on clean energy, climate resilience, environmental justice, electrified transportation, and more sailed to victory in every corner of our state. These newly elected mayors and city councilors are ready to get to work to invest in and protect their communities by improving air quality, upgrading polluting infrastructure, reducing waste, and much more.

All of our endorsed candidates asserted bold strategies to address climate change and a universal commitment to remedy systemic environmental injustices in their communities. Our slate of endorsements reflects the diversity of the Commonwealth; we’re proud that 11 women and eight people of color were elected to office from our slate of candidates. Throughout the preliminary and general election, the ELM Action Fund team knocked over 15,000 doors, made over 10,000 phone calls, sent over 2,500 text messages, and placed digital ads reaching over 100,000 environmental voters and encouraging them to vote for candidates that share their values.

Voters in Boston elected the strongest mayor on climate in the nation in  Michelle Wu . Bold climate action was the foundation on which she built and won her campaign. The ELM Action Fund is proud of the role we played supporting the first woman and the first person of color to be elected mayor of this city. We look forward to partnering with the Wu Administration to build a more green, just, and equitable city that will serve as an example for cities across the country.

Worcester’s District 5 chose  Etel Haxhiaj , a true climate champion, to represent them in City Council. A lifelong advocate, she is passionate about providing a safe and healthy environment for Worcester’s residents. Her decisive victory is a testament to the importance placed by the people of Worcester on immediate climate action. She is ready to hit the ground running with her plans to ban natural gas in new construction, repair existing gas leaks, and increase access to renewable energy.

Voters across Northampton prioritized ambitious climate plans at the polls by electing  Gina-Louise Sciarra  for Mayor and  Jamila Gore  for City Council At-Large. These women will make Northampton a leader on climate issues with concrete plans to increase access to renewable energy and make the city more resilient to the impending effects of the climate crisis.

Springfield voters re-elected  Jesse Lederman  as City Councilor At-Large and elected  Zaida Govan  to represent Ward 8. Lederman and Govan understand the connections between public health and the environment and will be strong advocates for vulnerable communities.

 Jared Nicholson  will be an effective mayor for Lynn because he understands the intersectionality of climate change, racial justice, and public health, and how they all impact the lives of the members of his community. His plans to replace and improve old infrastructure are an important step toward a resilient, sustainable future for the city.

See our full election results.

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